Fighter Login

By John Burk

For the politically correct movement that has now infiltrated their way into the ranks of the military, you are killing us from the inside. Your thought process in regards to “everyone gets a trophy” is not how the world works. The military is an organization of realistic thinkers that have a much more real grasp on current events throughout the world being It is comprised of individuals who have traveled the world, and retain the experiences they learned.

Now the Army has adopted the idea that Drill Sergeants should now stay with their trainees even through AIT (advanced individual training) due to a severe breakdown in discipline, but why has there been a break down in discipline? Rather than Army leaders addressing that issue, instead they choose to only further the issue by now wanting to put a greater strain on drill sergeants.

So why is discipline now seeming to be slipping? It is because the drill sergeant’s hands are tied. They are no longer allowed to “smoke” trainees. All they are allowed to do is make them do only ten repetitions of a prescribed exercise, or only 30 seconds.

Drill sergeants are no longer allowed to use strong language, or come off as intimidating.  They are being told to serve more as teachers and coaches rather than abrasive parental figures. Now granted, they are teachers and coaches, but in a way that make the trainee understand that the drill sergeant is the end all be all of that trainees life for the next 8-16 weeks of training.

Drill sergeants are investigated for any complaint made by a trainee, regardless if it may come off as extreme, or actually valid. Once you are under investigation, you have now garnished a reputation which then causes many drill sergeants to back off and become much more laid back due to them not wishing to have their careers cut short by a pissed off trainee with a vendetta for authoritative figures.

Until drill sergeants are set free and allowed to train these “kids” how they need to be trained, an age old way that has been proven through numerous wars that WORKS, prepare to continue to see discipline within the ranks deteriorate at a rapid rate.

Thank you politically correct activists. You will be the fall of the American military.


Soldier of Steel