Fighter Login

May 9, 2016 | 8:36 PM EDT

By John Burk

According to the newest memorandum sent out, as of May 6, 2016, soldiers are now authorized to wear headphones in the gym or fitness centers during physical training, unless told otherwise by post commanders.



Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey has been making changes to AR 670-1, one of which was made by his predecessor, SMA Chandler, who had beliefs that tattoos detracted from the professional military appearance –cough- crock of shit –cough-.

SMA Daily listened to his soldiers and implemented a change to that policy which was very well received by the force. Many tattoo sales spiked before SMA Chandler’s policy went into place, but I would imagine they have tapered back off now that soldiers are allowed to now continue to get tattoos of infantry cross rifles that they will forever regret years down the road when they’ve stopped being cherries.

Now to the topic at hand, headphones in the gym; I agree with this. I don’t see how headphones would take away from conducting PT while in a training center, in fact, nothing pumps me up more than slamming out curls while head nodding to Justin Beiber (Not really. I’d just as soon drag my balls across broken glass and lemon juice than listen to it.)

Some are reacting in the “old school” mentality saying there is no need; well apparently some of these old school types don’t even lift, so fuck them.

All kidding aside, I do think this is a step in the right direction in regard to a common sense fix, just so long as the headphones don’t go outside of the gym, or in any way cause a safety issue while training, I think it’s a very good change.

Kudos big army! You finally got one right!


Soldier of Steel