Fighter Login

By John Burk

Success can be found within the boundaries that border obsession. You have to focus on your dreams so much that it becomes everything you are about. It’s in your thoughts, it’s in your actions, it’s in your words, and it’s everything that you are.

You cannot allow the opinions of others to influence you into changing your mind when it comes t o what you want to do with your life. The CEO’s and successful people out there became who they are by remaining focused and working day after fucking day towards making their dreams a reality.

You’re going to be met with failure. You’re going to be met with contempt and hatred because the pursuit of a dream itself is a noble endeavor that very few people have.  The undertaking of striking out on your own and separating from the herd can be intimidating, but it requires a resolve that cannot be shaken or broken. It takes focus and commitment.

So ask yourself, how obsessed with your dreams are you?

Soldier of Steel