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May 7, 2016 | 8:54 PM EDT

By John Burk

People around the country are responding with various opinions in regards to the cadets seen in the now highly circulated picture raising their fists chest level.

The main issue people seem to misunderstand is the fact that these cadets did it while in uniform. This is a direction violation of DOD policy, as previously written about in the original article. Civilians, and some military personnel, continue to voice the idea that it’s their freedom of speech and they have that right; you’re wrong. You give up your rights once you sign the dotted line. You wave your ability to do what you want, and say what you want.

This is where this country has it wrong; once you enlist, you are no longer a part of the civilian community; you are now a member of the armed forces. We are a team that trains the same, dresses the same, fights the same, and bleed the same. We do not see color. Why? Because to be recognized based off of the color of your skin alienates you from that very same team that is going to have your back in a firefight. We are one color, and if that color could be given a name, it would be American. We serve the United States of America and as such, we forfeit our individuality to conform and serve as a member of a hundred thousand man and woman family.

 I myself did not make the speculation of the cadets being supporters of the BLM, it was made by the sources I received the information from. How do the sources themselves know this? See the below screenshot of the conversation I had with one cadet who’s story matched up with several other cadets who recounted the incident to me.

These same sources spoke with my CNN contact today and asked that they be kept anonymous. Why? See the below picture.

In the recent article posted by the NY times that interviewed me through email, and which can be read at the link provided at the bottom of this article, Dave Phillips states one thing that really made me smile.

“Mr. Burk, a former drill sergeant, WHO IS WHITE, said via email that he had disciplined soldiers for making Nazi salutes in photos, and felt the raised fist was not much different. “The fact that it could offend someone by its usage qualifies it as a symbol that goes against Army policies,” he said, adding, “It’s not the fact that they are wrong for having their beliefs, it’s the fact they did it while in uniform.”

Why did he leave out the student who did the exact same hand gesture similar to the cadets in uniform?
Now let’s look at the actual statement in the email I wrote him. See below screenshot of said email.

Clearly Mr. Phillips had his own agenda already for the direction he wishes to take this article.

The second question I have is why does my color matter when reporting on an issue that was brought to me by sources from within the Academy that told me this? Oh, I know, because a white man isn’t allowed to say someone of another color is racist. How do I know that? Well then why did Mr. Philips even bring up the fact that I was white? It’s simple; let’s stir the pot and get people pissed off. Why? Because it gets viewers and viewers make money!

So everyone can get riled up and pissed off and do as this person did and post this on my wall:

And I’ll just roll my eyes and laugh at you for being a complete idiot.

Never trust the media. They twist your words to fit their narrative no matter what context you give it to them in.


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