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May 10, 2016 | 10:00 PM EDT

By John Burk

As it now stands, the United States Military Academy has found the 16 cadets that took the photo that has went viral to be free of political meaning due to the cadets raising their fists in show of support of the academy’s sporting events and concerts. See below statement made by West Point.


Remember in school when we did something wrong with our friends and we decided to come up with a story so that we would all say the same thing and not get into trouble? Yea, I remember those days.

As of now, I am being called a racist and having brought shame to the uniform by the types that seem to forget that a regulation is a regulation, and no matter how society feels about it, it is enforced all the same.  They’ll continue to blast me and label me all manner of things, but the reality of it is that the information I was given came to me from within the very walls of West Point itself.  Too bad these people-crying “racist” aren’t seeing that, but would rather seem themselves as being victimized. I guess everyone must have suddenly forgotten when I stood up and said I will not stereotype all Muslims as being extremist terrorists. The very same religion whos zealots I fought against for over four years, I spoke out on behalf of for what is right.  I was called all manner of things from muzzie lover, to a traitor to my country, and yet I still stood for what was right, as I am now.

To those who wish to call me a racist through the various forms of social media, I attended the Army equal opportunity school and taught that very same class for over four years as a drill sergeant, and at the NCO Academy at Ft. Stewart GA, where this very same incident occurred, and the student was dropped from the course. I have never been accused of being a racist in my life, and if this had been 16 white men Hitler saluting I’d be just as shocked and outraged at the ignorance of these future officers because of the mindset they’d bring down to the army and influence other soldiers with. That is NOT what being an officer is about.  I’m disappointed that these cadets chose to celebrate what makes them different from the rest of their class; rather that what has brought them together.

To the numerous sources within West Point that gave me the information and asked me to come forward with it on their behalf for fear of retaliation and being labeled racists themselves by ignorant racially blinded hypocrites, I did my best to bring it to light and help you. West Point has made their decision, and I am highly disappointed in it. This isn’t out of hatred. This isn’t out of a sense of vindictiveness. This is out of a sense of equality for EVERYONE.

Racism DOES exist within our world and it is not going away. So long as some cultures harbor the beliefs that their race, religion, or culture are superior to all, it will continue to live on. Stating that there is a racism issue does not make someone a racist, but that is clearly what is happening now by those who feel this was a white man’s narrative driven assault on 16 black cadets. People will see what their eyes allow them to, and this issue has brought out the true beliefs of many racists of all colors.

Congratulations West Point; you succumbed to political correctness and turned a blind eye towards not only the reality of the photo, but towards those within your walls that are saying they feel as if they are being mistreated due to their race. Oh, did I mention that the sources were not all white? I guess it doesn’t matter now though, does it?


Soldier of Steel