Fighter Login

By John Burk

Around 12am last night, on the 8th Military Police Brigade Facebook page, a statement was released by CSM Angelia Flournoy “apologizing” for her clear violation of AR 670-1:



Now while many have nodded their heads in approval claiming that social media justice has struck a blow for what is right, I would ask you to truly look at her statement; at no point within it was the word “sorry” used. 

Instead, in true political fashion, she diverts the light back upon the families and soldiers.

“Our soldiers and families are the best in the Army, (fluff rhetoric) and I appreciate those who have corrected me and expressed their concern about my appearance not being fully in compliance with AR 670-1.”

Well CSM, you WERE a drill sergeant and knew full well what AR 670-1 entailed. You cannot stand there and tell me that you did not know what right looked like when it came to hair and make up standards, or wearing unauthorized shoes while in your dress uniform. 

So from what your peers are saying, you have been like this for quite some time.  

“I sincerely regret”….Uh…there it is! She’s going to do it…she’s almost there! “how this has detracted from the great things the 8th Military Police Soldiers are doing around the world.” Oh! SO close, and yet still no real apology.

Damn, and I was almost there, so let’s try it again. “As we move forward, I want the appropriate recognition to be placed...” 

I’m sorry, I couldn’t even finished typing out the rest of her statement because it is like reading the vague Barnum effect style ramblings of a politician trying dangle a shiny object in their left hand, and pick your pocket with their right.

CSM Flournoy, you are not sorry for what you did, you are sorry you got caught.  You have had a history of this and from the comments left by your peers on various social media pages that picked this story up, and you have much to account for. I would also wish to know why the leadership around you has not apologized for their lack of ability to correct you? Why did the Brigade and Battalion commander not square you away when you were clearly wrong? I believe they should be put in the spot light as well.

But no matter, you have “apologized” 

–insert eye roll with an accompanied “bullshit” cough into a closed fist-  But there is one thing I want you to understand, and I know you will read this, it’s called humility. It is called taking your licks and nodding your head in the fact that you were wrong. It does not lessen your level of self worth in anyone’s eyes, but it does when you refuse to apologize in the proper manner.

The eyes of the warfighter community are upon you now, CSM, and we are watching. We have eyes everywhere that carry with them their phones which have cameras to take photographic evidence that can be uploaded in a moments notice and seen round the world. If you revert back to your old ways, we will fire for effect on you.

Social media justice has now been started with the help of ASMDDS and U.S. Army WTF moments. At any given point we have the capability to make a post, or video, go viral. We will shed light on those abusing their positions of authority or failing to take care of their soldiers while abusing the system. This nation gave you their sons and daughters to train and look after. You are charged with a creed and you WILL uphold that creed, or you will find yourself under the glare of the entire world for your willful and blatant disregard for your duty.


Soldier of Steel out