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By John Burk

Around 12am last night, on the 8th Military Police Brigade Facebook page, a statement was released by CSM Angelia Flournoy “apologizing” for her clear violation of AR 670-1:

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Picture me sitting behind my microphone right now much like the scene when Robin Williams (may he truly rest in peace) screams out from behind his microphone covered in a light sheen of sweat from the intense humidity of Viet Nam.
Well here I am bringing you all the news that is news across the nation!
Looks like good old CSM Flournoy is back to her old tricks. Sources have confirmed that she is now going after anyone within the military who posted about her clear violations of AR 670-1 (to civilians these are the regulations that cover the wear and appearance of the uniform, as well as personal grooming standards)
Her BDE commander gave the order, some days ago actually, that the unit was not to post via social media about this current issue. Well Col, guess what, they aren't posting, but they're sending me messages and filling me in on everything that comes out of your mouth.
So CSM Flournoy (and I truly hate even giving her the title CSM because she's acting like a private...wait..privates don't even act like this...) is, and I quote from an actual source:
"She's going after everyone in the military that made comments, she's turning it around making herself a victim. I didn't read all the comments but some are supposedly worthy of being called bullying. He told us we can talk between each other but stay out of it online."
Well CSM, that's a wonderful way to react when you were shown to be wrong on NUMEROUS occasions, also see below picture, and refuse to admit it. You're going to do what I knew you'd do; you're going to fall back on either:
a) your sex
b) your race
c) you're going to use all of them and then throw in bullying.
Might I add this is not the first time she's dropped the race card when she didn't get her way? Oh yes, she's had a history of this. 
More to come. Standby for follow intel. 
Soldier of Steel, out.
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